SCORPIO MONTHLY HOROSCOPE (24-October–21-November)

01-February to 29-February

Promising financial prospects are in store for Scorpio locals in January, as Mercury, the lord of the 11th house, transits to the 2nd house, creating a beneficial 'Dhan Yoga.' Mercury also rules the 8th house, so there may be some financial fluctuations, but they should only be slight. On the other hand, Scorpios should put their health first, especially if they could have problems with their eyes or throat at this time.

Love Horoscope

For Scorpios in terms of relationships and love, January portends stability. The astrological influences indicate that now is a good time to make emotional bonds. Partnerships will flourish when communication and understanding are there. It's a great time to build relationships, communicate your emotions, and develop a closer relationship with your partner.